Do Not Install Microsoft Access Add-ins and Databases in the Program Files Folder



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    Question to FMS:  You say that your products now default to either the "private users folder" or "a folder on the C: drive" to resolve the read-only issue.  I have both a C: drive and a D: drive on my machine and my D: drive is 4 times larger than my C: drive - for a reason.  In most cases, where possible and when a program offers the option to specify where it gets installed (most do),  I do not install any applications directly to the C: drive so that the drive does not become congested and instead install applications to the D: drive which in my case is much larger.  This keeps the C: leaner and helps to keep drive response higher and caching to a minimum.  The "private users folder" is usually on the C: drive and using a folder on the C: drive is still... well, the C: Drive.  So, can your products use a drive/folder designation other than the C: ???   If not, may I suggest you provide that option during install?

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