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    FMS Technical Support

    Instructions for integrating Total Access Emailer and gmail are provided on this page:

    Please review the gmail configuration requirements to support sending emails via their SMTP server.

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    Luke Chung

    Total Access Emailer is subject to the limitations of the SMTP server you use. If it accepts the message, our program proceeds. It doesn't know if the SMTP server actually sends the message or not.

    If your SMTP server only accepts 2000 emails a day and doesn't issue a rejection when additional emails are given to it, there's nothing Total Access Emailer can do.

    Does your Gmail service limit the messages overall or for each FROM address. Maybe you can have additional FROM addresses and split your messages to multiple groups with each under the limit.

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    I want to try and test this by sending emails to myself and se eif they actually go through.

    I found that FMS Access Emailer is not sending all the emails even when it is way below the Gmail limits.

    I am having a real struggle testing though. I am trying to test this on 90 emails. My address email@example (a Gmail account) is the catchall for this domain. I tried sending 90 emails to the same address but only received one email. I then realized that FMS does not send duplicate emails.

     So then, because is a catchall, I tried sending to,, and so on. But I still only received one email.

     How do you suggest that I test this?

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    Rachel Gomez

    Troubleshooting steps
    Step 1: Update your Gmail app. To get the latest fixes on problems with sending or receiving mail, update your Gmail app.
    Step 2: Restart your device.
    Step 3: Check your settings.
    Step 4: Clear your storage. 
    Step 5: Check your password. 
    Step 6: Clear your Gmail information.



    Rachel Gomez

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