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    The backend database is hosted on a file server that does not need to have Microsoft Access installed on it. Even if Access were installed on the server, it wouldn't matter for Access. Access is a file server database architecture with the work performed by the client PC, not the server. The server just stores and share the database file but doesn't "know" about the data in it.

    While we cannot speak on behalf of Microsoft or what their programs will do in the future (or should do today), a Microsoft database (ACCDB or MDB) on a file server can be used by different versions of Access on user desktops, provided the database is compatible with the oldest Access version being run.

    For instance, Access 2016 and 2019 can support ACCDBs with support for BigInt data type in SQL Server. That was introduced after Access 2010, so Access 2010 is not able to open databases that have that feature.

    To minimize inconsistencies, it's always better to have everyone use the same version of Access, Office, Windows, etc. Testing is necessary when changes are made. 

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