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    FMS Technical Support

    How do I move total emailer to another computer? Do I uninstall and reinstall or what?

    You can simply run the installer on your laptop. You were sent that file on Wednesday.  Please let us know if you did not receive it.  The license can be transferred from one system to another.  See here: 

    Will I lose the email blasts that I created in my database or are those stored in the database?

     Your email blast settings are stored in the database itself, so they will always be there. Always make a backup of your database before making these changes.

    Do I have to go through all of the set up steps I went through when I purchased the program? I will be using the same email address that I set up the program with.

    Your SMTP settings are stored in the database as well. Always jot down those settings, just to be sure.


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